Panda Human Resources

Available Jobs

Security Manpower

  • Security Guards
    Security Managers
    Guards Duty

Hotel and Restaurant Manpower

  • Bartender
    Gardener & Waiter/ Waitress
    Guest Service Attendent
    Butcher and Cook
    Counter Attendant
    Janitor and Bell Boys
    Dishwasher and Laundry Worker
    Driver and Parking Attendant
    House Keeping Attendant

Admin Panel

  • Data Entry Check & Office Boys
    Managers and Office Administrators
    Translaters/ Interpreter
    Project and Workshop Manager
    Secretaries/Personal Assistants
    Accountant/Cashier/Finance Manager
    Clerks/ Typist

Medical and Healthcare Mainpower

  • Doctor
    Physical Therapist & Physician
    Lab Assistant and helper
    Radiologist and Pathologist
    Lab Technician & X-ray Technician
    Ward Boys

Agriculture Manpower

  • Farmer
    Animal Care
    Greenhouse Worker
    Farming Operator
    Agriculture Engineer
    General Worker

Information Technology Manpower

  • IT Engineer and IT Technician
    Computer Engineer
    Computer Operator
    Computer Technician
    Project Manager
    Database Administrator
    Supervisory and System Analyst
    Developer/ Programmer
    ERP / CRM Specialist
    Graphic Designer

Oil and Gas Manpower

  • Driller
    Maintainance Technician
    Drilling Engineer
    Petroleum Engineer
    Drilling Superintendent
    Plant Operation Engineer
    Field Service Technician
    Wire Line Operator

Manufacturing Manpower

  • Aluminium and Glass Worker
    Processing Worker and Storekeeper
    Carry Man Tailor
    Electronic and Textile Worker
    Machine Cleaner
    Tire Tube Repairer
    Mold Cleaner

Heavy Equipment Operator

  • Excavator Operator
    Loader and Batch Plan Operator
    Pump and Shovel Operator
    Roller and Bulldozer Operator
    Chipping Separator Operator
    Concrete Plan Operator
    Concrete Pump Operator
    Truck Crane Operator
    Vibrator Operator
    Trailer and Dump Truck Driver
    Water tank Operator

Engineer and Technician

  • Architect and Material Engineer
    MX Design Engineer
    Pest Control Technician
    Chemical and Planning Engineer
    Civil and Electrical Engineer
    Production Engineer
    Refrigeration Mechanic

Construction Manpower

  • Welder and Carpenter
    Scaffolding Worker
    Concrete Worker
    Steel Fixer
    Drill Operators
    Sheet Metal Worker

Mechanical and Engineering

  • Welders(TIC, MIG, MAG)
    Pipe Fitters
    Iron Workers
    Drill Operators
    Lathe Operators
    Shear Cutting Workers